Terms & Conditions

AIEnablement.io is a Service of, and offers Products for, Callisto Digital Inc.

1.0 Fees & Payments Policy

1.1. Fees for our Product. You agree to pay CALLISTO DIGITAL (Callisto Digital Inc and inclusive of its subsidiary products Callisto.Digital, Vero.net, AIEnablement.io, Kix.net, Annx.io [aka The Annex]) any fees for each Product you purchase or use in accordance with the pricing and payment terms presented to you for that Product. We use third party payment processors (Stripe and PayPal) to bill you through a payment account linked to your CALLISTO DIGITAL account. The processing of payments will be subject to the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of the applicable payment processor, in addition to this Agreement. Where applicable, you will be billed using the billing method you select through your account management page. If you have elected to pay the fees by credit card, you represent and warrant that the credit card information you provide is correct and you will promptly notify CALLISTO DIGITAL of any changes to such information. Fees paid by you are non-refundable, except as provided in these Terms or when required by law. Included in your fee may be technical support in respect of the Product and it is only provided to CALLISTO DIGITAL customers. CALLISTO DIGITAL's support agents are not trained in custom-coding and technical support for any custom-coding is the responsibility of the customer and CALLISTO DIGITAL accepts no responsibility to provide such support. Included in your fee may be access to information (text, audio, and/or video) which may have been fully written or produced by CALLISTO DIGITAL, aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI), or fully created by AI, and CALLISTO DIGITAL makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, correctness, truthfulness, factualness, and fitness for use of any content. Unless otherwise indicated, all fees and other charges are in U.S. dollars, and all payments shall be in U.S. currency. In no event will CALLISTO DIGITAL credit, refund, or reimburse you for a foreign exchange fee charged by your credit card or for any difference in fees due to currency conversion.

1.2. Recurring Subscriptions. Our Product is billed on a subscription basis (“Subscriptions”). This means that you will be billed in advance on a recurring, periodic basis (each period is called a “billing cycle”). Billing cycles are typically monthly, quarterly, or annual, depending on what subscription plan you select when purchasing a Subscription. Payment will be charged to your chosen payment method at confirmation of purchase and at the start of every new billing cycle. Your Subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle unless you cancel your account through your online account management page or by contacting us at support@callisto.digital prior to the end of the billing cycle. While we will never want to lose a customer, you may cancel auto-renewal on your Subscription at any time, in which case your Subscription will continue until the end of that billing cycle before terminating. You may cancel auto-renewal on your Subscription immediately after the Subscription starts if you do not want it to renew. If the Product is purchased with a Promotional Offer or Special Offer using a multi-payment plan, the refund must be requested within seven (7) days of the first payment. After this period no refunds will be provided, and you are obligated to make all future payments on the payment plan, regardless of your level of product usage or satisfaction.

If you initially sign up for a plan that includes a free or discounted trial period, and you do not cancel that account before the stated trial period expires, you will be billed for the full price of the plan starting on the day the trial period ends. If you cancel prior to the processing of your first invoice following the trial period, you will not be charged.

CALLISTO DIGITAL may change the price for Subscriptions from time to time and will communicate any price changes to You in advance and, if applicable, how to accept those changes. Price changes for Subscriptions will take effect at the start of the next subscription period following the date of the price change. As permitted by local law, You accept the new price by continuing to use Your Subscription after the price change takes effect. If You do not agree with the price changes, You have the right to reject the change by cancelling Your Subscription before the price change goes into effect. Please therefore make sure you read any such notification of price changes carefully.

We, through our third-party providers (Stripe and PayPal) will keep your detailed payment information, such as non-sensitive credit card partial numbers and expiration date, on file. We do not access this information, except through provided programmatic methods by the provider(s). You are responsible for keeping your payment details up-to-date by changing the details in your account settings. When your details change or are due to expire, we may obtain or receive from your payment provider updated payment details, including your card number, expiration date, and CVV (or equivalent). This enables us to provide you access to the Product. You authorize us to continue to charge your credit card using the updated information. If a payment is not successfully authorized due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, we may suspend or terminate your subscription until applicable changes have occurred. You also agree that we may charge you via your payment method on file if you elect to restart your subscription.

Any change (including any upgrade, downgrade or other modification) to any plan by you in a trial period will end the trial immediately. You will be billed for your first term period (i.e. the first annual or monthly period) immediately upon upgrading. For any upgrade or downgrade in plan level after any trial period, your credit, debit, or other payment card will automatically be charged the new rate on your next billing cycle. You will be billed immediately for the prorated difference for the current billing cycle for any upgrade to any higher priced plan during that billing cycle. If a plan downgrade causes a credit to your account, this credit will be used toward your next billing cycle(s). This credit will not be refunded.

1.3 Lifetime Memberships. Lifetime subscriptions can be refunded within the first 7-days after payment has been received. After that point they are non-refundable. If the Lifetime Offer was purchased using a multi-payment plan, the refund must be requested within seven (7) days of the first payment. After this period no refunds will be provided, and you are obligated to make all future payments on the payment plan, regardless of your level of product usage or satisfaction.

1.4. Taxes. Our prices listed do not include any taxes, levies, duties or similar governmental assessments of any nature such as value-added, sales, use, or withholding taxes, assessable by any jurisdiction (collectively, “Taxes”) unless otherwise indicated. You are responsible for paying Taxes associated with your purchase and keeping your billing information up to date.

(a) United States Sales Tax. If we have a legal obligation to pay or collect sales tax for which you are responsible, we will calculate the sales tax based upon the billing information we have about you and charge you that amount (which, if your billing information is incomplete or inaccurate, may be the highest prevailing rate then in effect), unless you provide us with a valid tax exemption certificate acceptable to the appropriate taxing authority. If you provide us with a tax exemption certificate, you represent and warrant that it accurately reflects your tax status and that you will keep such document current and accurate. If we subsequently determine in our sole discretion that your tax exemption document is valid, we will refund the sales tax collected.

(b) Non-United States Sales Tax. If applicable, we will charge you VAT, GST, or any other sales, consumption or use taxes that arise in connection with your purchases of our Product unless you provide us with a tax identification number that entitles you to an exemption, a valid tax exemption certificate or other documentary proof issued by an appropriate taxing authority that tax should not be charged. If you are located in a jurisdiction with multiple sales, consumption, or use taxes, we may charge you the highest prevailing rate if your billing information is incomplete or inaccurate. If you are required by law to withhold any Taxes from your payments to CALLISTO DIGITAL, you must provide CALLISTO DIGITAL with an official tax receipt or other appropriate documentation to support such payments.

1.5. Price Changes. CALLISTO DIGITAL may change the fees charged to you for the Services at any time, provided that, for Product billed on a subscription basis, the change will become effective only at the end of the then-current billing cycle of your Subscription. CALLISTO DIGITAL will provide you with advance notice of any change in fees and you will have the opportunity to cancel your Subscription as set forth in Section 1.2.

1.6 Refund Policy. We provide a full no-questions-asked refund within seven (7) days of first signing-up with CALLISTO DIGITAL. To request a refund for these products, simply send us an email to support@callisto.digital within seven (7) days of your sign-up letting us know that you are canceling your plan. After that, all payments are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used subscription periods. As mentioned above, following any cancellation, you will continue to have access to the Product through the end of your current billing period. We reserve the right to refuse refunds to anyone who abuses this Refund Policy.

Section 1.7 Authorized Payment Method. You must keep a valid payment method on file with CALLISTO DIGITAL to pay for all fees. CALLISTO DIGITAL will charge applicable Fees to any valid payment method that you authorize (“Authorized Payment Method”), and CALLISTO DIGITAL will continue to charge the Authorized Payment Method for applicable fees until this Agreement is terminated, and any and all outstanding fees have been paid in full.

2.0 Duration and Cancellation of Promotional & Lifetime Offers

For all Promotional Offers, the corresponding promotional period shall continue for the period as advertised. Unless you cancel a Promotional Offer before the end of the promotional period, you will automatically become a recurring subscriber to the type of CALLISTO DIGITAL service that you chose to sign up to under the Promotional Offer and the payment method you provided will automatically be charged the then-current monthly price.

For all Lifetime Offers,

All Lifetime offers on any CALLISTO DIGITAL Product or Service are eligible for a full refund within seven (7) days of the original purchase. After this period, no refunds will be granted.

If the Lifetime Offer was purchased using a multi-payment plan, the refund must be requested within seven (7) days of the first payment. After this period no refunds will be provided, and you are obligated to make all future payments on the payment plan, regardless of your level of product usage or satisfaction.

If you cancel any Lifetime offer for a CALLISTO DIGITAL product or service during the promotional period or within seven (7) days of the original purchase, you will lose access to such service. To cancel a specific service or downgrade your service, please contact support@callisto.digital.


3.0 Additional Terms and Conditions

Some Products and Services offered by CALLISTO DIGITAL are subject to additional terms and conditions, account abuse, and acceptable use policies.

For callisto.digital see https://callisto.digital/policies

For kix.net see https://kix.net/policies

For annx.io (The Annex) see https://annx.io/policies